CDCR Academy Cadet Uniforms

CDCR Academy cadet looking for the required uniform and gear. We made it simple by listing all you need here. Visit us to place your order.

  1. 2x- Cargo Trousers
  2. 2x- Short Sleeve Shirts w/Patches
  3. 1x – Waterproof Duty Jacket
  4. 1x- Name Strip
  5. 1x- FlexFit Hat w/ CDCR Star
  6. 1x- 8″ side zip Boots
  7. 1x- Stinger Flashlight w AC/DC
  8. 1x- 2 1/4 Duty Belt
  9. 1x- 1 3/4 Garrison Belt
  10. 1x- Single Cuff Case
  11. 1x- Glove case
  12. 1x- Alarm Box Holder
  13. 1x- Steel Base Radio Holder
  14. 1x- Stinger Flashlight holder
  15. 1x- Tactical Keyring Holder
  16. 4x Keepers
  17. 1x- Whistle
  18. 1x- Bulldog Clip

You can expect Popular brands such as Streamlight, Dutyman, Aker, Boston, Hero’s Pride, Flying Cross, Rocky and Original Swat.